Kang Minhyuk (CNBlue) – Lovely Jump In Japan 2016

It was a cloudy summer with a 31-degree Celcius weather on the 28th of July 2016, in Tokyo International Forum – City of Marunochi, Tokyo, Japan, when a group of young students and professional ladies and gentlemen gathered outside of Hall A (or nearby areas).  The event starts at 2:30pm but as early as 12:30pm a large crowd was waiting for the opening of the gates.

The official Merchandise was opened earlier, so a lot of fans have already purchased the goods. The items looked soooo cute and colored Pink – I must say they are truly worth collecting.

When In Japan, Time is of the essence – the gates were opened at around 1:30pm and the fans were really organized. Taking pictures – even with a Cellphone was not allowed so I was not able to get even a stage – selfie. They were playing the lovable ‘I See You’ – OST from his latest drama – ‘The Entertainer’.

At 2:30pm, they turned off the lights and a spotlight was directed to the stage, signaling the start of the show. The Pink lightsticks were turned on, the girls screamed and slowly, an image of that cute, boy-next-door made an entrance to the stage. He sang the memorable ‘Star’ – OST from his first drama – ‘Heartstrings’ with CNBlue Leader – Jung Yong Hwa.

 After the Song, the interpreter (sorry, wasn’t able to get the name) and cute host, Yumi-San came in. They introduce themselves and soon… ‘Konnichiwa, Watashi Wa Minhyuk-kie Desu! Zashiburi’ and again, these girls screamed (including me). He was wearing a pair of slacks and with white shirt.

The show had different segments:

1. Lovely History – which showed his baby pictures and school life.

2. CNBlue Moments – pictures with his bandmates – and he said that he missed them also.

3. Lovely Hobby – which included Flower arranging – from the looks of it, he was very pressured with this one. But the result was perfect! 🙂 The fans were not bored at all. There was also pictures of his cats – Chi chi, Tata and another little one which I wasn’t able to get. He loves to pose a selfie of them in his Instagram so he was challenged to do one with a mini stuff toy cat.

4. Video Messages from his friends and Park Shin Hye and Lee Jungshin – who said that Mihyuk is his Soul Friend. This made the audience go ‘Awww!, He was soo sweet’.

5. Activities with the Fans – Minhyuk picked a few lucky fans to join him for the activities and a selfie polaroid with him is the prize. He was famous for having toilet breaks even during concerts. So before the activity started, he bowed and excused himself and the fans knew it was that time again. The host was surprised, but when she asked the fans if its normal – of course we said ‘Ýes’.

After a few moments, he was back. And the activity started – It included clothes folding, drying the wet clothes, and the most fun is ‘No Reaction’ – where fans have to hold a wine glass filled with water and Minhyuk will need to act as what is required in order to distract the fans. Amazingly, the fans survived, no matter how cute he was when talking, even if his face was super close, teasing with marshmallow and whispering in the ear.

When the show was at the end – Minhyuk was thankful to the fans and apologized that he was not really good in speaking Japanese. He hopes that the fans will also support the 1st Solo Album and Concert of Jonghyun Hyung and other CNBlue Activities.

It was a really memorable experience for all the fans and we hope that he continue to be successful and humble always. Fighting, @Mr. Kanggun! 🙂 

‘Nol Saranghe!’