Train to Busan – Korean Movie Review

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

What to do on a holiday?! While most people are busy catching pokemons in the shopping areas and park, my friend and I decided to watch this phenomenal movie. 

I didn’t read any reviews but I did saw that it is a box office hit in a lot of countries. So my first impression, it is one of those suspense zombie movies. I am a biased Korean fan so, regardless of the genre, this a must-watch for me. 

The start of the movie was pretty normal, a separated wife and workaholic husband. The daughter was staying with the dad but misses her mom so they had to go to Busan. 

And that’s when it started – a girl bitten by a zombie got to ride the train and spread the infection coach by coach. While en route, they keep experiencing the challenges and life lessons learned.It is a typical Korean movie in that, although it was a horror movie, they try to show as less morbidity as possible, as needed in their culture. 

Maybe I shouldn’t say too much detail. But the most dramatic scenes for me was probably towards the end. When the train was nearing Busan, around 1hour before the movie ends.

To summarize, it is a love story of a father and daughter, husband and wife, sisters, girlfriend and boyfriend and friendships – new and old.

One of those heart – striking lines : ‘STAY WITH ME!  PROMISE ME!’


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