‘W’ – Korean Drama Review

***** Spoiler Alert *****

Admit it, we had that chance of wishing these perfect guys  were real – ‘Ken’ (Barbie’s partner), Archie, or one of those comic characters. If so, then you will enjoy the plot of this newest Korean drama. 

Lead actors are Lee Jong Suk (Kang Chul) and Han Hyo Joo (Oh Yeon Joo). 

To date, it is already episode 7. Should be Episode 8 but was postponed by MBC to show live actions for the Rio Olympics 2016. 

For those that haven’t watched yet, let me share the plot. This story starts with a happy scene – Kang Chul was a very talented national athlete and received a lot of awards. Suddenly, someone killed his whole family. Being the only survivor, he was assumed to be the suspect and stayed in Jail. After a few years, he was released due to lack of evidence and when he got out, he vowed to find the murderer and became a CEO of the company which has his goals. 

Switching to the next scene, you’ll see Oh Yeon Joo, a clumsy and very timid intern working in one of the hospitals. Always being bullied by the resident doctor. His father was a cartoonist and created this ‘W’ webtoon and we will soon realize that Kang Chul is the main character. 

One day, Oh Yeon Joo discovered that her father was missing. They went looking for him and while she was in his dad’s workspace someone pulled her and she was then inside the scene where Kang Chul is lying in the rooftop and full of blood. Since then, a lot of strange, exciting and romantic moments are occurring.

Well, for now, have to wait till next week for the succeeding episode. 

Definitely something to anticipate. Especially Lee Jong Suk who has amazing acting skills. I fell in love with him just after watching the first scene of his drama – ‘I hear your Voice’. 


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