Lee Jonghyun (CNBlue) – First Solo Concert in Japan ‘Sparkling Night’

Lee Jonghyun Poster Psoter

One of my K-wave principles is to always support every firsts of my idols and this is definitely one of those events. After the scariest news came out and caused Jonghyun and leader Yong Hwa to be in hiatus (whether it be in IG, Weibo or personally), this is the first time he will be seen by the fans, so definitely special. Anyway, moving on….

I heard that he will have a solo concert in Japan and so the search for the concert ticket began. My friend recommended BTC Ticket for the event. One fan should know that time is always of the essence in the tickets as it is almost-always sold out on the first day. The ticket was a little higher compared to the normal price but at least it will compensate for the stress and effort. So I found a concert ticket for the last day of his tour, booked an overnight accommodation, plane ticket and portable router immediately. The next day, I plotted my leave at work. Now, everything is set.

I arrived in Tokyo-Haneda on Aug 18 at 7:00Am. I have my Suica card from my friend , installed the Navitime – Japan travel map and headed to First Inn in Tarakacho / Kyobashi Station at around 9am. I paid for my booking claimed the ticket and continued my travel to the event venue – Tokyo International Forum. I was surprised to see that there was already a queue for the Official merchandise before 10am, so I queued. As these were Japanese and Chinese fans, I was really shy at asking them. Then suddenly, another Japanese fan came and queued after me. She was asking me something but it was Japanese, so I signalled, I don’t understand. Then she made an effort to communicate with me using Google Translate. Language Barrier is an obstacle but I really believed that Music and Entertainment discussions really breaks the barrier. I asked for her bias and it was Jonghyun, I said mine is Minhyuk. They were surprised, but I said I was supporting him after a lonely time. The next thing we knew, we were discussing about CNBLue, Kim Hyun Joong and all the other Japanese actors!!!! I made mew Japanese friends and she helped me when the ushers were explaining the instructions.


The Merchandise opened at 1PM and the line was really organized and the fans were very disciplined. So I bought a few of mine and for my friends. They had a promo, that it if your purchase reached 10k yen and above, you are eligible for the meet and greet with Jonghyun. So I took 2 chances and Surprise!!!! I won again and the details need to be  Japan address, good thing I had someone in mind. Thanks!!!! 🙂 They put a band in my wrist and told me to come the meeting place after the concert. I am super hopeful that I will still make in time for my flight.

While waiting, I searched for Pokemons nearby, bought my snacks and went to stand in the venue for 3hours. I met new Thai fans and another Japanese fan from Osaka which are hardcore CNBlue fans!

Finally, the venue was opened, and again, so hard to take pictures as it was prohibited. I took a selfie though as it was the only thing possible. hehe…

While sitting, my new friends found me, and invited me to CNBLue’s next concert and they can help me find tickets and we can meet again. So they are my new IG, FB, Instagram and Line friends.

When the show was almost ready to start, I prepared my new media – thanks to my ever helpful – IPOD, I have an audio recording . Here is the setlist of the concert. Thanks to twitter ID @hellokimmy321.


When the lights were turned off, we saw a group of people coming in, escorted by ushers, we realized that it was his parents, friends and sister. Wow! A very supportive family and they were sitting 2 rows just in front of us.

Suddenly, the spotlights were directed at the stage and then a handsome guy wearing a black coat and slacks came in, the band started playing and he started singing. There were ad-libs in between. This was the first time I have seen Jonghyun talk so much and very emotional. He was telling a story about how he was just staying at home when something happened and thought the concert will not push through and then how Pokemon Go helped him recover and thankful of the fans support. You can see him almost ready to cry as he was trying to stop himself from tearing and keeping the mic at a distance in some of the sentences.

Throughout the whole concert, the fans were standing – whether it be a ballad, jazz or rock song. During intermission, they showed pictures of him touring and also fishing (most of the time). One of his cutest performance was when they played ‘Pina Colada’. The dance would look like he was holding maracas and shaking the shoulders (shyly). There were 3 encores – because the fans were not ready to let him leave yet and he gladly obliged. He invited a few fans sitting in the front to sing in the mic – there were also fanboys!!!! This is one of the best fan services – interacting with the Fans!

He was very much happy and here are a few pix and videos courtesy of FNC Music Japan.


Finally, it was time to end the show and I hurriedly, went to the meeting area and looked for my number. What was the prize? I will post once they release the official photos.Here’s a teaser of one of them:

Prizes 1

I will also post links to my audio after conversion.

Thanks for all the gifts from the Burning fans everywhere:


When to catch him next? Check this out:

Meanwhile, also adding some of my pix when the album was released. I visited when I was in Japan last July:


2 thoughts on “Lee Jonghyun (CNBlue) – First Solo Concert in Japan ‘Sparkling Night’

  1. Hello Raiya! What an adventure! I am delighted that you met new friends because it makes the experience more memorable! Thank you for sharing the details to Jong Hyun’s first solo concert! More fangirl moments to come! ^_^


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