Love in the Moonlight – Korean Drama Review

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

I wasn’t very familiar with the lead actor – Park Bogum (all I know is he is under the same agency as Song Joong Ki), so initially, I didn’t put too much attention when I heard of this drama. However, a few days ago, when I was done watching the latest episode of ‘W’, I saw that there was already a trailer for ‘Love in the Moonlight’. So I clicked play and watched Trailer 1. Then Trailer 2… Trailer 3… And Trailer 4. You would know from this that I became interested in the drama.

Today is the showing of the First Episode. Very much thankful to our Singapore App – VIU as it released the episode just a few hours ago after Korea.

The setting of the series is during the Joseon Area and the first scene shows the individual lives of the main character.

Expect a lot of twists in the story as they mixed modern contexts in the scripts and a lot of comedy scenes (at least for this episode).

You will know by this time the plot of the story : Royalties aiming for higher power, betrayals and Love stories (and pick up lines).

I was already in ‘Kilig’ mode during the first few couple scenes:

I am really looking forward to the next episodes and hope you can also catch it soon!



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