Lee Jong Suk Fanmeeting in SG – Variety

This is Lee Jong Suk’s first fanmeeting in Singapore.

The event is scheduled on 13 Nov 2016 at Big Box Mega Hall – Jurong East. This is the first time that I will be attending an event at this area. As my home is at the far east, my estimated travel time is 1.5 hours. It was really hot and sunny when I left the house at around 10:30. I wanted to be there at 12nn coz I thought there will be a long queue for the merchandise.

I arrived at 11:45am and the tables are still being set up with the posters and the area is clear – not much people arrived this early. After buying my shirt – I ate lunch first then proceeded to change with my ‘Fanmeeting’ outfit. I was lucky enough to win both the soundcheck pass and group photo session. Redemption was at 1pm. After attaching the wristband, I immediately queued up to assure of a good seat and waited until 3:50pm for the entrance.


He arrived a little late for the soundcheck, coz he came from Press Conference then it was raining really hard outside. This is my first Kpop Actor fanmeeting, so not sure how the soundcheck would go. Basically, he sang the songs for later and practiced the entrance. He was kind enough to tell us, “You can take a picture of me” – which surprised everyone. But still, we took our phones and picture / video – away.

After rehearsal, time to redeem the wristband for the Photo Session then wait until 6pm to enter. At this time, the outside of the venue is filling up with people – there were even guys!!!! I guess his appeal is for everyone.

Around 6:15pm, we were allowed to enter. Of course, there’s the usually selfie – mode while waiting to start.

Finally, 7PM!!! 🙂 There are a few segments prepared with Videos and games for the fans. Here are a few pix from the event.

At the end of the show, there was a short video message prepared by the fans for him. He was teary-eyed after watching.

Haayyyy!!!! How we all wish it was longer. But he did promise to be back!  Lets wish him luck in his new projects and hope he stays healthy.


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