CNBlue’s 5th Anniversary – Glory Days Concert


There is a bucket list to every K-pop fan and one of them is to be able to experience their idol’s concert in Japan. Why? Let me show you… This is also my first time to go to Japan and watch a full-length concert. 

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for both days of their concert in Nagoya. Normally, these are only offered to fanclub members and by lottery. Once you’re picked, you now have the options to purchase or cancel (not really sure on the process as my friend bought it for me).  You will only know your seat number a week before the concert and then the ticket will be mailed.

During these sold-out concerts, remember that, it is best to queue up for the merchandise as early as possible – Day 1 and around 9am (or earlier). They have unique items – compared to Korea or other Asian concerts. So might as well, grab the opportunity! The booths usually open at 12noon. Patience is a virtue!

After buying, you can stay in the venue or continue on your personal tour. Normally, its ok to stay and meet new friends and of course, get freebies from the fanclubs! I got these!!! 🙂 

At around 5pm, the gates are opened. Selfies can be allowed before the concert, but limited as they are really too strict in the venue. You cannot take photos of the stage and most especially during the actual concert. 

As I really wanted to keep the memory of the concert, I just recorded it. You can check out this link: CNBlue Glory Days in Nagoya

My observations: 

1. The lighting and effects (fire!!!!) is soooo extravagant

2. Excellent fanservice – looking at the camera, heart using the 2 fingers, flying kiss, etc. 

3. More participation with the fans – there’s this one segment, where they let 3 fans, sing one line / recite the adlib of the song (Wake Up! Wake Up!

4. There are more stories / ‘kulit’ modes to share – e.g. Jonghyun saying Jungshin is afraid of flying.  I guess because they are more comfortable with speaking japanese. 

5. I feel that they give 200% in the performance compared to 100% on other countries. 

6. Generous with perks – photo op, meet and greet, autograph signing or special freebies. 

7. You will always love how they bow at the end of the show and be the ‘little kids’ that they are. 

The airfare was expensive and the travel time was around 6hours, but it was all worth it. Not sure when I’ll be able to go again but at least I got the chance to watch them live in Japan. 

Another personal bucket list of mine, be able to see them in the airport when they arrive / depart. Super success! My flight was on Saturday at 8pm. I needed to check out at 12noon in the hotel and didn’t feel like touring coz it started to rain. When I arrived at the airport, I checked in but didn’t go to immigration yet. I was walking around the airport when I saw a group of people and later on realized they are Boices waiting for CNBlue. So, I stayed with them. A few more minutes, I heard screaming from afar. I saw them preparing the phones to take a snapshot so I thought it was ok. I was also getting mine ready, but as soon as clicked the record button, a guard came to me and scolded me and deleted. So I just stayed, but I still got to see them go inside and waving to us!!! 🙂 My experience is Japan was truly memorable – best Christmas gift ever!!! 🙂

Thankful for my friend, Miki for making this possible!!! 



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