Exo’rdium in Singapore – Concert Review

I became an Exo fan when they went to Singapore for Exo Planet #2 last year. I am familiar with their songs before watching but I am scared to watch them live coz they are one of the huge fanbases worldwide and the age range is usually from college and below… 

During last year’s event, I was just watching from the 10th row and not really joining the crowd when singing or dancing coz I did not memorize the lyrics or how the fanchant is. So after the event, naturally, you will have a bias – I mean, it’s 9 guys in one stage… Haha… My eyes were glued to Sehun’s performance, So I added him on Instagram. I was also fascinated with DO’s voice. I downloaded the Exo songs, so they became part of my playlist during work or while traveling. Then discovered that, they have solo dramas or activities as well. And before I knew it, I became an EXO fan and then bought a ticket for this concert. 

Knowing that there will be a lot of people and limited stocks, I queued up early for the merchandise. True enough, it will open at 11am, but there was already a group since 6am. However, when it opened, there was chaos in the line. Good thing my new friend talked to them and said we queued early, so even if we lost our original position – we managed to be in the top 50. 

I got my merch (essentials are the lightsticks, shirts and slogan towel). I had lunch first and queued at around 2pm coz the show will start at 4pm. And I want to be the first – you know the picture-taking before the event. 

At 4pm, the lights were shut and then the opening video started to play. After it, they came out and I screamed soooo much – like I missed them badly! I was in a seating area but I was dancing to all the beats. It was my first time to see them up close.

Last year, this was the stage where sehun danced with water, so I was anticipating it to be the same this year.unfortunately, the water stage for this time was only in the middle. But at least, there were a lot of them going to this side and saying ‘Hi’ to all the fans. 

During the talk, you can feel that they are like brothers. Baekhyun was very serious in Scarlet heart, but didn’t realize that he was soo crazy on stage. One example :

Suho : whenever I go to SG, I like to eat chili crab. What about you, Baekhyun?

Baek: I like the bread with the chili crab. Let’s ask the fans, what do u like, bread or chili crab? I will base it on the screams (the winner was the bread)

This argument was so cute. There are still lots, but I did not manage to get media shots coz it wasn’t allowed.

For this concert, I realized, you will need to have patience, social skills to meet other fans and lots of water (coz we queued under the heat of the sun).

All in all, the effort and price we paid for the ticket was all worth it… Attendance for this show : Kai, Suho, Sehun, DO, Xiumin, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen.


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