G-Dragon in SG – Concert Review

This concert was about 2 different – weather (sunny and rainy), experiences (good / bad) , fortune (lucky and unlucky) and persona (GD and Kwon Ji Yong) and the MOTTE (Moment of Truth, The End). ***Possible spoiler below

I am a newbie Bigbang / GD fan – 2 yrs and started when I attended the YG Family – BigBang MADE concert and confessing – certified GD Bias! This is my first time to attend his solo. And since its a 2-day concert, we fangirls should attend both (I always think something new happens on the 2nd day).

The concert started with an upbeat song ‘Heartbeat’. It was like saying, ‘VIPs prepare your heart! and more dance-able songs followed. He was moving all over the stage and making sure that every VIP sees him in different angles. I love his fan service and communicates with the fans in his own way. Then a few ballad songs. 

GDragon and Kwon Ji Yong

Definitely, the event showed different sides of GD. We felt the emotions during his talk, his dance moves and the way he sings. My words will not be enough to describe, so I’ll let you decide when you see the videos and pix of the concert. 

This show is Ji-Yong saying to the fans ‘Í’m taking a break’ and VIPs sending him off. It was very emotional especially when the monologue video appeared. 

I am so glad to have experienced this, before he goes for military. KWON JI YONG! We got you! We Feel You! We Love You! We will wait for you! Saranghae, Oppa! 🙂

These are my personal experiences from the event:

Sunny and Rainy Weather:

SG weather is very unpredictable. And yes, on Saturday, it was scorching hot! We were in queue with no shade for almost 4 hours! On Sunday, it was rainy and cold! But good thing there’s no need to queue for long hours.

Good and Bad Experiences:

The good thing about having a day 2 concert, is that there’s a chance to improve the issues on the 1st day.  Announcement for VIP instruction came in late. There was a lot of confusion on the VIP queue for redemption and soundcheck. Thankfully, Day 2 was more organized. Though soundcheck started late.

Lucky and Unlucky Fortune

That feeling when you thought you have that moment – VIP ticket, rehearsal pass, nice view for the seat, but then something suddenly happens and you got disoriented. After what happened – they did not apologize and said ‘Enjoy the concert!’. How? hmmm….


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